For Health Professionals

CKD is one of the most common chronic conditions in Australia.

At Q kidneys we would like to collaborate with you to detect, manage, and support patients with kidney disease.

What causes kidney failure?

Data from the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant (ANZDATA) Registry shows that the three most common causes of kidney disease requiring renal replacement therapy (dialysis or transplant) in Australia in 2015 were diabetes, glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidney) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Why worry about CKD?

In Australia CKD is:


  • 10% of people visiting a general practitioner have CKD, but most do not know it.
  • 42% of people over 75 years of age have an indicator of CKD.


  • People with CKD have a 2 to 3-fold greater risk of cardiac death than people without CKD.
  • For people with CKD, the risk of dying from cardiovascular events is 20 times greater than the risk of requiring dialysis or transplantation.


  • If CKD is detected early and managed appropriately, then the otherwise inevitable deterioration in kidney function can be reduced by as much as 50% and may even be reversible.

GPs can access kidney health Australia (KHA) resources management of CKD in general practice.

Timely referral to specialist care is important to manage patients with kidney disease.